Page 1 Kamar kowane dare idan zatayi bacci wajibi ne ta toshe kunnenta da earpiece tana mai sauraren music 🎶 haka kuwa ya kasance a cikin wannan dare mai tattare da rudani da kuma ban tsoro, tun da gari ya waye takejin jikinta duk ya rikice, sai kuma tunane tunane marassa amfani da suka dabaibaye mata zuciya, gidan makekene tamkar wata masarauta 🏯 iya tsaruwa … Continue reading ALAƙAR JINNU

The Malicious Queen (In the Kingdom of Biram)

In the kingdom of Biram, there was once Malicious queen named Yelwa, she knows nothing apart from war and conquer, with her powerful armies she captured great Hausa cities and coerced them to bow before her, some rumors depicts she murdered her blood brother and claimed his throne as he got no heir of his own, while some believed he died a natural dead. ” … Continue reading The Malicious Queen (In the Kingdom of Biram)

ADIL(The Marvelous Adventure)

Lebanese Republic of Medieval Period was a great city situated at Western Asian continent across the Arabian hinterland, Arab people of different cities often gathered together to carry out a profitable transaction around this hinterland near the edge of the sea, not too far from the edge of this sea lies a village under the commandment of Zafar Ibn Zafrul, the Sultan of Lebanon. In … Continue reading ADIL(The Marvelous Adventure)

ONCE A DECADE(Story of the Invisible Train)

It was the 5th of June, the birthday of Aryan Chandran whose recently back from London. He is now qualified as archaeologist after spending the long sessions in research and study. It was his happiest day not because of his birthday but for the honour he clutched which certified him a groovy archaeology. ” It was an honour to meet you grandson.” Shouted Bhagya. ” … Continue reading ONCE A DECADE(Story of the Invisible Train)

THERE WAS A HOUSE(Beneath the Hills)

They said it was a dangerous place, they said no one ever goes there, they said it laid beneath the hills, the hills of Western Virginia. The Virginia of the virgin girl, the virgin girl of the Mountain State. ” What were you reading you asshole!” Catherine shouted. ” Just a poem!” Paul respond. ” By whom?” ” It was written by…am… Sorry there’s no … Continue reading THERE WAS A HOUSE(Beneath the Hills)

SEVENTY SEVENTY(That’s the Evil Number)

It was the sunset of Monday 26, 1996 in August. The coach driver was in highway bordered by North Carolina, thirty passengers were estimated to be the total number of people in the coach, most of which had fell in the trap of a very warm sleeping, Jayden Noah together with his girl Friend Emily William were in much love right from the beginning of … Continue reading SEVENTY SEVENTY(That’s the Evil Number)